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eCommerce: are you tapping into the online shopping world?

eCommerce or ‘shopping online’ is something most people are familiar with nowadays, whether it’s using PayPal or a credit card, people like to buy online – but to have a successful eCommerce website, it needs to be safe, fast and simple.

eCommerce websites have a lot more to deal with in technical terms. The right design is essential to the success of eCommerce sites and yet so many mistakes are made in eCommerce design.

At StuckOn, we use our broad experience of the many fields of Internet marketing to create eCommerce sites that hit the ground running – and, with our knowledge of how search engines work, you can be sure your eCommerce site is aligned with the needs of the search engines as well as your customers.

Success is built in

The problem many eCommerce sites face is that many flaws, undiscovered during the design stage, effectively block sales once the site is live. Shopping cart problems, issues with product descriptions and even trust issues can all turn users away before they make a purchase. Testing of the site can uncover some of these issues, but frequently the site experiences ongoing problems because it hasn’t been built with the specific challenges of eCommerce design and SEO in mind. Even many eCommerce carts ‘out of the box’ come with these issues.

You should expect more from your eCommerce design than simple functionality, and that’s why we use our marketing expertise here at StuckOn during eCommerce design. When you’re planning for eCommerce, you want a site that not only takes payment details, but works hard to increase your conversion rate.

At StuckOn, we’ve learned a lot about what works in eCommerce over the years. When we design for eCommerce sites, we take the following into account:

  • The difference that content makes – One of the biggest problems with out-of-the-box eCommerce design software is that it promotes formula eCommerce pages. These pages rarely present enough information to satisfy search engines or customers. With our background in SEO, StuckOn’s eCommerce design services help you to produce pages that are pleasing to all
  • How trust is grown – Many eCommerce sites assume that a secure payment portal is all they need to win the trust of their customers. These sites lose sales because they don’t foster trust in other areas, for example by preventing page break-downs as stock changes, presenting site safety badges or revealing sufficient contact information
  • The psychology of shopping – It’s not sufficient simply to feature the right products in the right way. You also need to do things in the right places and at the right times

Our eCommerce service doesn’t stop there. We can help you to use A/B variant testing to find out if a particular change can help increase conversions, promote your website using RSS shopping feeds, show you changing market trends and make sure your site is seen by the right audience.

Is your business ready to tap into the power of eCommerce?

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