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Social Media Optimisation

Social Media Optimisation: don’t let your efforts fall on deaf ears

Do you love to tweet? Are you always on Facebook? Have you been bookmarking since way back? If so, you’re probably in a better place than many of your business competitors, because you’re already comfortable in the world of social media.

Social media sites are becoming more and more important for search engine optimisation, and those businesses that haven’t become caught up in the social whirl are in danger of being left behind. Today, when everyone from grandparents to politicians are tweeting, Digging and generally shouting it out online, being silent in the social media world can be a costly oversight.

Why should my business be social?

Social media sites were once all about social life; everything on them was related to the personal. Businesses swiftly began to realise, however, how much potential these sites could have for those businesses looking to communicate with their target audience.

Social media is no longer about being simply social. It has grown beyond even being a tool to target a captive audience, to engage their interest on a different level and is now seen as a great opportunity to conduct on-going market research at little expense. It has now come to replace the networking and customer relations efforts you would have offline – and importantly, allows even the smallest of firms to compete with giant brands.

Using social media, you can be confident that your messages are reaching those who precisely fit your geographic or demographic profile.


Social media represents a marketing opportunity very few businesses can afford to miss. The optimisation community loves TLAs (Three Letter Acronyms!) and the rise of social media has provided an excellent opportunity to come up with a few more. Here are the latest social media acronyms involved with social media optimisation plans:

SMO – Social Media Optimisation. This refers to optimisation techniques centred on, and around, the social media in whatever form. Your SMO campaign might involve changes to your website to make it more accessible to a social media audience. It could also involve a more active campaign on social media sites.

SMM – Social Media Marketing. This involves the use of pro-active Internet marketing techniques on social media sites. SMM and SMO are two terms that overlap to a large extent.

SNM – Social Network Marketing. Specifically, this refers to social network sites. As well as the more obvious Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Bebo, YouTube and LinkedIn, there are a number of more specific niche networks centred on specific industries, activities and common threads. We can help you to engage in the most appropriate networks.

Exploring the social with StuckOn

At StuckOn, we look for a well-rounded approach to our SEO and, for many clients, this will include social media. We’re a very social bunch at StuckOn, and that translates through into our Internet marketing services.

We will research and analyse the social media sites and networks that have the ‘best fit’ for your target audience, provide creative methods to engage and target the right members for your business, plan and monitor the results of your campaign and help you gain an insight into market movements and trends, whilst focusing on your return on investment.

Are you ahead of your competition in the social media stakes?

Contact the team at StuckOn for advice on your SMO, SMM or SNM and take full advantage of the social media revolution.