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YouTube Filming

YouTube filming: did you think your business couldn’t contribute?

What are your SEO goals? If your only answer is better rankings, then your expectations may be set too low. At StuckOn, we have a broader view of the potential of SEO. A quality search engine optimisation plan should be able to do so much more than just get you a listing in the search engine results pages (SERPs). For instance, thanks to Google’s Universal Search, SEO could get your business seen on camera too.

YouTube filming, production and optimisation is part of the range of services we offer here at StuckOn because we know the value of video to online business. Video is a large part of what makes successful websites rank higher in the search engines, and it draws customers in. We can produce and edit your YouTube video, or you can provide us with the edited version, and we can optimise it for use on YouTube and elsewhere.

Why YouTube?

There are really two parts to this question. First of all, why bother with video content in the first place? Second, why choose YouTube as your target? The answers to both are easy.

Businesses are slowly becoming more awake to the draw factor that video provides online. If you cruise around the competing sites at the top of every industry, chances are you’ll come across a lot of video content. Video has the colour and movement that text just can’t provide, so has a tendency to keep Internet users’ attention for longer. Add to this the fact that more people are doing their watching online than with TV and you’ve got a significant additional audience that non-video just doesn’t reach.

Choosing YouTube as a target also makes sense. The site is a hub for video on the net. Thanks to Google’s ownership, and to its Universal Search, the ways in which videos are ranked will be familiar to anyone working on a holistic Internet marketing or search engine optimisation plan. Add the two together, and you’ve got the potential to use some of the SEO techniques you’ve learned through your website’s optimisation and apply them in a forum where your videos can gain massive attention for your business and site. That’s a lot of potential, which is why we offer our clients YouTube filming services.

Video as SEO content

SEO content isn’t just about the text on your site. It’s about every kind of content you can get your hands on, including text, images, code – and video. Contrary to what many believe, video rankings are not purely a matter of the number of views or how they’re promoted; SEO techniques can also be applied to get your video ranking well in Google’s organic listings.

Here at StuckOn, our experience has been that a combination of SEO and professional video filming is a great way to rank well in the search engines, and a little creative thinking can help your video go viral.

With the StuckOn team, you can get the best of both worlds – access to professional video filming and editing services and the assistance of a professional SEO team. Isn’t it great when a plan comes together?

Contact us now about our YouTube packages – and maybe you can hire The StuckOn Team.

Ranking Example

The following shows a screenshot of Google’s results page for a search on ‘Pilates classes in Burnley’, with one of our videos ranking on the first page.


YouTube Video Examples

Here are some examples of videos that we have filmed for our clients, videos that have not only helped to boost their online presence within Google but have also helped to increase the rankings of their website. Each of these videos was part of a series of short films for each client.

Pilates Classes in Lancashire
This video was filmed to show the benefits of pilates classes and how anyone, regardless of fitness, could take pilates classes. The video was optimised for the Lancashire area.